About Lektorium

Lektorium works with online education since 2009.

It combines an educational platform for massive open online courses (MOOC), MOOC developing profile publishing house and the biggest open video archive of lectures in Russian.

We have over 100 partners that cooperate with us, among which:
 — The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, developers of state educational programs;
 — leading universities and schools of Russia and Europe;
 — associations of specialists and professional centers of teacher education;
 — museums and companies that support educational initiatives and social projects.
Lektorium’s platform contains massive open online courses (MOOC) from the leaders of educational market. We work with programs for university admission and vocational guidance for school students, specialization for students and professional development for specialists and school teachers.
Currently 105 000 students learn on this platform free of charge.

Our profile publishing house was the first in Russia to start working in MOOC form, now its portfolio includes more than 50 projects. Courses of our production are hosted on Coursera, Iversity, Open Education and our own platform.

Lektorium’s media library is the biggest video archive of educational materials in Russian. Over 4000 lectures are published in open access. We support budgetary educational organizations and provide a program of media grants for them.